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8 Steps to a 6-Figure Per Year Online Business

This 8 week course will teach you everything you need to know for building a profitable online business. It is specifically designed to help any coach or hypnotherapist. Scroll down for module details, and the bonus course information.

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Includes 8 Full Video Modules:

Each module is filled with video lessons, tips, tools and strategies.

Plus every week includes bonus content for your personal development.

Step One:


Understand how to setup all the legal business foundations you will need. Plus learn how to create a professional website that converts into paying clients.

Step Three:


Learn how to design a program that will help your clients break free from the specific problems that you most understand.

Step Two:


Learn our formula for becoming a successful niche coach/hypnotherapist.

Step Four:


Learn how to create a 'Lead Magnet' to grow an email list. And how to create an online course to create passive and automated income.

Step Five:


Go through tutorials for creating the best possible free masterclass training video for growing your business.

Step Seven:


Learn how to tie your new lead magnet, course or masterclass to an email autoresponder. This will make growing an email list easier than ever. And it will create more free time for you.

Step Six:


Digitally market your business content in the most direct and simple ways available. This will help entice more people to become your clients.

Step Eight:


Learn the strategy we use to get consistent sales and clients through YouTube ads. This is a simplified approach to the complicated world of paid online ads.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Before this course, I was slaving away at a crappy day job between coaching clients. But now I'm earning over $14,000 per month and getting better clients than ever."

David J.
Mindset Coach

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I am so thankful for Jeremy and the Online Business Builder Mastery System. It showed me how to setup my own online course. And now I'm making a 6-figure per year income just from my course. Crazy cool!"

Shawna O.
Coach and Hypnotherapist

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"For me, the best part of going through this process, has been the bonus course content on internal success through self-mastery. It's completely changed how I feel for the better. Plus my business is doing much better now."

Anna C.

“Deciding to enroll in this course has been a true game changer for me, both personally and professionally. Before, I was barely getting by as a coach. And the clients I was able to enroll, often weren't a great fit. But now after learning and implementing everything from this course, things are going awesome. In fact, this past month I brought in $17,245 in revenue!

Michael A. | Health Coach

Bonus Course:

The Internal Success Through Self-Mastery course includes an additional 125 video lessons. This comes with the purchase of the Online Business Builder Mastery course.

This bonus course was originally packaged and sold separately. But it’s been newly updated and paired specifically with the Online Business Builder Mastery course. So you will be getting two courses in one. Because for every week of the full course, you’re gonna get a full module on business mastery and an additional full module on self mastery.

This bonus course will show you how to make the internal changes you need to get the business success to work specifically for you. So the Internal Success Through Self-Mastery side of the training system includes additional modules that teach you everything from:

How to rewire your brain, to How to upgrade your personality, to How to gain control of your emotions, where you’ll then be able to quickly shift from feeling bad to feeling good, to How to erase your limiting beliefs, to How to install new and empowering beliefs, to How to tap into the power of your heart and your soul, to How to build a better identity, to How to design the future version of yourself, to How to upgrade your goals, to How to gain control of your time, all the way to How to add on-going good luck and abundance to your life and career.

A Word From Your Instructor

Not that long ago, I was working a day job I hated and desperately trying to build an online business. And I forced myself through tons of trial and error, ups and downs and disappointing failures. Fortunately, over time, all that allowed me to figure out a more direct path to 6-figure success as a coach and hypnotherapist. And within all that, my team and I were able to create an eight step system for success. And that system has become this online course. So if, over the next 8 weeks, you'd like to go through a step by step training to really get your career rolling, while you create internal fulfillment...Sign up for this course. And you'll have 30 days to try it out risk free.

Jeremy Mark Meyer | Business Coach and Hypnotherapist


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